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Taissa Kira, M.Ac.,L.Ac.,Dipl.Ac.,  and  Megan Conover, M.Ac., L.Ac.

are licensed acupuncturists in the Wayne & King of Prussia, PA area who specialize in pain, digestive issues, women's health, fertility, mental health, autoimmune, oncology support, and cosmetic acupuncture. 

Equipped with Master's Degrees in acupuncture, intensive clinical rotations, 

work in veteran's clinics, plus continuous speciality treatment courses, 

Taissa and Megan bring a great deal of experience and passion to their practice.

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"I feel wonderful!  No hurting anywhere and my lower back is pain free for the first time in weeks today!

THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  You are a miracle worker!" - V.F.,  Director of Manufacturing (Feb 2017)

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Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AOM) is a complete holistic health care system, over 2,000 years old, which treats illness and improves wellbeing.

3 Primary Effects Of Acupuncture:


Relieves Pain

Decreases Inflammation

Restores Balance


Acupuncture is recognized by leading national & international health organizations to be effective in treating a wide variety of medical problems, decrease pain, enhance organ functions, build energy, improve mobility, calm the mind and promote the body's natural healing process.

In our practice, we diagnose by assessing the whole body. We incorporate acupuncture along with other Asian therapies including, dry needling, cupping, GuaSha, Moxa, TuiNa (bodywork) & dietary therapy.

We Accept All Insurance, Cash, Checks, Visa, MC 

& Health Savings Accounts.

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Facial, Cosmetic, Allergies, Acupuncture,
“Taissa exhibits precise patience, care and love with every treatment. She is more than just an acupuncturist, but a true healing practitioner that always exemplifies compassion and gentleness to all of her patients."

D.H. -  Counselor

"My acupuncture journey with Megan began in 2015 for back pain and stress. Since then, my life  has improved and is now managed by stretching, yoga and maintenance acupuncture treatments. I am now free of prescription or over the counter medication for my back condition."

L.G. -  CFO, Finance

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