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How will Esoteric Acupuncture Benefit Me?

  • An increasing awareness of your consciousness and your spirituality

  • A faster and broader spectrum of healing of the body than traditional acupuncture, not only healing present physical symptoms, but the genesis of the illness/disorder

  • Healing of the seven chakra energies of the body, and in some persons, chakras above the seventh

  • Healing of the auric bodies, including the physical/etheric, astral and causal/spiritual bodies

  • Creates a stronger connection to the higher spiritual realms/universal creator

  • Can be used alongside traditional acupuncture in a cohesive and harmonious way


Who will benefit most from Esoteric Acupuncture?

  • Anyone who is interested in the mind-spirit-body connection

  • Those who want to begin exploring their spiritual nature or enhance connection to their higher self

  • Those who are already on a spiritual path and would like to accelerate growth